Logging Bandsaws

SN 440    | SN 520    | SN 620    | SN 720    | SS 620C 12T    | SS 720C 12T    

We offer a huge range of Bandsaws with many options and sizes.

For a full list of Specification on the Balfor Bandsaw range please take a look at the link below:

Bandsaw Specification Sheet

Please contact your local dealer for further information and specifications.

SN 440 – 520 – 620 – 720

The Balfor bandsaws offer an extremely versatile approach to timber processing. Allowing crosscutting of firewood, but also being able to rip timber and also be used for planking.

With throat sizes up to 70cm, and up to 48cm clearance to the guard, the bandsaw can be used to cut very large timber. The smaller models offer a more compact machine for finer work.
A variety of blades and a standardised blade size means that blades can be bought to match any requirement.

Available in tractor PTO and electric versions, the SN bandsaws can be used almost anywhere.

Please take a look at this link below to see the Bandsaws range of specifications:

Bandsaw Specification Sheet

We can also offer bandsaws with log splitters and also conveyors fitted, giving a versatile firewood production set up, but still retaining all the versatility of the bandsaw design.

For further information and specifications please contact your local dealer.